Move Free, Play Free

This series of 22 videos is designed to guide you step-by-step to learn how to move more freely to be in service to your music-making. Unnecessary tension can block technical prowess and expressivity, increase anxiety, or lead to strain and injury. Learning to consciously cooperate with the exquisite design of your physical structure and learning to cultivate an inclusive attention can unleash your freest music yet.

Watch the videos in sequence - and feel free to go at your own pace. Each unit begins with an instructional video with foundational information, and each lesson has a shorter Guided Movement sequence accompanying it. Follow the Guided Movement videos to start your practice sessions and when you need to take a break to help reduce tension, ground and focus your performance.

Series Includes:

  • 2

    Unit 1

    • Lesson 1: Posture Isn't a Place

    • Guided Movement Break 1: Celebrating Micromovement

    • Lesson 2: The Tortoise

    • Guided Movement Break 2: Head Leads Body Follows

    • Lesson 3: Sitting With Support

    • Guided Movement Break 3: Balanced Sitting

    • Lesson 4: Standing in Balance

    • Guided Movement Break 4: Balanced Standing

    • Lesson 5: Mapping Arm Movement

    • Guided Movement Break 5: Free Your Wingspan

  • 3

    Unit 2

    • Week 2 Instructional: Foundational Information

    • Lesson 6: Mapping Breath, Jaw and Tongue

    • Guided Movement Break 6: The Whispered "Ah"

    • Lesson 7: Preparing With Ease

    • Guided Movement Break 7: Partnering Stability and Mobility

    • Lesson 8: Cultivating Healthy Practice Habits

    • Guided Movement Break 8: Ready, Unset, Go

    • Lesson 9: Preparing for Performance

    • Guided Movement Break 9: Four Paws and Active Rest

    • Lesson 10: The Recipe

    • Guided Movement Break 10: Musician's Warm Up Sequence